Thanks to Ken for the nudity tip!


MARCH 10 – APRIL 11, 2015

In the overwhelming quiet of the woods, six runaways from city life embark on a silent retreat. As these strangers confront internal demons both profound and absurd, their vows of silence collide with the achingly human need to connect. Filled with awkward humor, this strange and compassionate new play asks how we address life’s biggest questions when words fail us.


  1. Ok. Finally saw it myself. Babak is half naked all the time. And there is a full nudity scene that lasts about 3 minutes. Any seat is fine, but better seats are toward the stage I think. No need to sit right next to stage though.

    It’s a good play and you absolutely won’t be disappointed by what you come to see.

  2. A word about the seating: It’s configured exactly like The Mysteries at the Flea — two rows on the right, two rows on the left, both leading to a small stage at the end. Though the nudity is carefully parceled out so that everybody gets a peek, the best seats, in my opinion, are on the LEFT when you walk in, AS CLOSE TO THE CENTER OF THE ROOM AS POSSIBLE; Avoid seats close to the stage or the entrance, though those seats have their perks as well. Of course, at the performance I attended, ALL the best seats — TEN of them — were “Reserved,” with goody bags on them no less. Jesus, who do I have to fuck to get a great seat at one of these “general seating” ass-sucks? I’m WILLING. Meet me in the restroom with a “reserved” sign and a jar of lube.In the meantime, I will reserve all future comments on this show and its splendid cast — and there will be much to say — until I can see it from where I need to.

    BTW: Have you seen Will Pullen in the last several episodes The Americans on FX? He played a South African agent who gets shot in the eye and strangled to death, but not before being bewitchingly Pullen: The liquid eyes, the flushed upper cheeks, the angular angst seething in bones. He looks fantastic on film, better than I’d hoped. He also has a recurring role on an HBO series in development tentatively titled The Devil You Know, set during the Salem Witch Trials. I pray he gets to be one of the tormentors. After watching him die like Faye Dunaway in Chinatown in both Punk Rock and The Americans I’m ready for him to kick some ass, starting with whoever screws up the general seating assignments at Ars Nova’s Small Mouth Sounds.

  3. Enjoyed the plotline of the show and the movement, although slow and thought provoking at times. The nude scene was humorous and in your face. Xlarge low hangers with humorous bending over and letting them hang from behind. 2 ladies even gasped when he dropped his pants. The nudity played very well into the scene. Great yoga body was shown without a care in the world as to who saw it. Definitely recommend.

  4. Just saw this today. Like everyone else, any seat is good but it depends on what u want to see. He has a thin body and is cut and very trimmed. If you prefer to see the back when he bends down to pick things up (u will see the low hangers and a minimally hairy crack, not too hairy cheek) sit in the first left bank as u enter, more towards the center of the bank. Sit more towards the stage if u want to see him walking off the stage (more towards the center of the back bank)

    1. FINALLY got to see this from the seat I wanted, but only because at the last minute two VIPs didn’t show up (Thanks, assholes!). A few days ago, the run completely sold out, but they’ve extended it till Apr. 25, and it’s still such a hot ticket sitting opposite me were Bill Irwin and Steven Pasquale (not together). It’s interesting none of us are talking about whether or not the nude scene is erotic, and I think it’s because the whole thing’s played for laughs. Is it possible to laugh and get a hardon at the same time? It’s one thing when it’s Jack Weston running around a bathhouse in a towel, it’s quite another when it’s Babak Tafti: Young, handsome, talented, toned and totally game (also cut, with a dark circled shaft and enormously low hangers the same dusty pink hue as the head). Call me crazy — I mean, STOP calling me crazy — but I’ve always been bothered by the fact that the sight of a naked women is supposed to inspire awe or at least quiet respect, while the sight of a naked man, however beautiful, often elicits laughs. It’s as if Bruce Weber, Andy Warhol and Marlon Brando never existed. In other words, I’d trade all of Tafti’s generosity in Small Mouth Sounds for the three seconds Stephen Plunkett gives us in Snow Orchid. That said, the play is well worth seeing, and you’d better grab a seat before a Kardashian beats you to it.

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