Eric Eikey
Eric Eikey

FUCTNYC presented brand new scenes plus 4 new members . (I don’t know if they were there as a trial or as a permanent cast member.)

Some of the new scenes just fell flat altogether ( vomiting food is not funny, it is just gross) but some scenes, with minor tweaking, could be a goldmine for lots of laughs. The new member who was in the ISIS and a clothing customer skit was quite funny ( I didn’t get his name but he is really quite good). The other two new members were not that funny sorry to say. The black guy was quite funny too but he only had 1 scene. I wish they gave him more skits.

Eric Eikey was the only one who went fully nude this time both in the beginning and last scene of the show and he really lets it all hang out. More than 10 minutes! Thanks Eric! This time he shaved his pubes completely but you will understand why, in the final scene. He seemed to have lost some of the belly so he looks good.

Their next show is on April 11, 9:30 pm. Same place at the PIT.


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  1. Eric always is very comfortable nude, dancing and jumping around nude, shaking it as much as he could. He even seemed to enjoy having his junk being rubbed by another guy in the final scene.

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