I finally saw Bess Wohl’s SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS. I appreciate everyone’s input. Who knew a play without words could be very meaningful and funny. Wohl’s plot is simple but its simplicity made the script crystal clear, in an evening of very few lines.  The cast is very good but for me the stand out was Marcia DeBonis as the same sex partner of a cancer survivor.

Everyone has raved about Babak Tafti‘s full frontal. In full light, his jewels were in full display.  This year is shaping up to be a battle of big balls. First there was Stephen Plunkett in SNOW ORCHID and now it is Babak’s turn.  Plunker’s is bigger and low hanging balls, Babak’s as well.  He has a hairy body but his body hair is well coiffed I must say, including the trail leading to his crotch.  And what a beautiful armpit he has. Quite lickable.

This play is a MUST-SEE.  In your face full frontal from a handsome young actor in an excellent play. Extended ’til April 25.


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