Theater for the New City presents :image
Elizabeth’s Precious Kitty
May 07, 2015 through May 17, 2015 Limited Engagement
One of Theater For the New City son’s, Writer, Director, Jamal Williams, returns to NYC and TNC for a World Premier of Elizabeth’s Precious Kitty.

Elizabeth, a beautiful Virgin Dominatrix with a well established reputation as the “baddest” Dominatrix in the business, is adamant in steadfastly holding onto her most “precious thing.” Her virginity, the very thing that she must defend when visited by her deceased Mother Dear, who is determined in her pursuits to convince her only child to give “it” up, and continue their bloodline with a child. The two ensue the great debate of honoring ones womanly duty to procreate when enters, Panner, the mystical hideous stranger with a mysteriously charming presence and what is later discovered as the macho male hidden agenda. Will Elizabeth be able to maintain her virtue against spiritual and mystical forces? Writer, Jamal William’s takes pen to page to create this avant-garde bold edgy piece that pushes the envelope and will surely take you on a sexy, voyeuristic fantasy view in the Dungeon of Mistress Elizabeth.

Note that play has sexual themes.

Character Panner – possible nudity

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  1. I have seen the actor playing Paneer, trust me when I tell you it is best for everyone if he stays dressed.

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