Out of State: 10 NAKED MEN in Michigan

May 15-June 8, 2015
10 Naked Men by Ronnie Larsen
The team that brought you Making Porn is back with another Ronnie Larsen jimageam. Robert, a slightly overweight actor, moves to Hollywood seeking his fame and fortune. When he arrives he encounters all sorts of Hollywood types: hustlers, agents, directors, and a rough ex-con! Larsen’s play is hilarious and sweet-and fulfills the promise of its title!
Warning: contains nudity. Duh.

10 NAKED MEN is about prostitution in Hollywood and focuses on ten individuals: three hustlers, two producers and two agents, one banker, a single photographer, and a lone actor. All 10 men are involved in the entertainment industry; all are wrapped up in the quest for fame, fortune, and happiness. And yes, they all get naked!

10 NAKED MEN is inspired by Ronnie Larsen’s personal experiences while living in Southern California and is another Larsen “take” on the world of entertainment. The play had a six-month run Off-Broadway, a three-month sell-out run in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and has also played in numerous cities across the country.

Joe Bailey, who was in the original Los Angeles and subsequent Off-Broadway premiere of 10 Naked Men, directs. Brandy Joe Plambeck makes his official return to The Ringwald stage after a three year stint at The Hilberry Theatre, where he successfully obtained his MFA in Acting. He is joined by Brenton Herwat, Alex Hill, Dennis Kleinsmith, James Lee, Richard Payton, Tim Stone, Mark Vukelich, Ben Wright, and Chris Young.
The Ringwald Theatre
22742 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, MI 48220


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