Out of state: DARK WOOD in Orlando, FL

  Excerpt from Orlando Sentinel: OK, let’s get this out of the way: Yes, the three men who star in “Dark Wood” are naked. Totally naked. For the entire show (with one late-in-the-game exception).It sounds like a gimmick, but the nudity actually serves a purpose. The actors in Eyewitness Theatre Co.’s “Dark Wood” are playing monkeys. Their nakedness separates them from us, the audience. It somehow makes them, well, animals.

Info about the play:


presents DARK WOOD

in Denver, CO at Dangerous Theatre and at the

2015 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

Written by Peter McGarry

Directed by Winnie Wenglewick

Three apes, two views, one cage. Strong Arm and Rico have it good being apes living in captivity until they are put in a cage with an ape from the outside. Mbwane is from the wild, the Dark Wood. Captured and experimented on, he is determined to get out and get back to his family and the life he was stolen from. Should Strong Arm and Rico help him? Should they go with him? Warning: apes do not wear clothes; neither do the actors in Dark Wood.


Brown Venue at Orlando Shakes!

Tickets $11.00 plus ticketing surcharge.

Thursday, 5/14- 9:30pm

Saturday, 5/16- 10:45pm

Monday, 5/18- 5:30pm

Wednesday, 5/20- 8:45pm

Friday, 5/22- 5:45pm

Saturday, 5/23- 9:00pm

Sunday, 5/24- 1:00pm

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