From the moderator: Daniel Talbott’s plays always has male nudity. Hope he continues with this one.

From the press release:
Featuring Kathryn Erbe, Brian Miskell, Seth Numrich, Chris Stack, Jimi Stanton and Jelena Stupljanin
with Stephen Dexter and Andy Striph

AZAK1-1In the not so distant future, two American soldiers wait at a worn-down outpost in the desert. Hot and bright. Hallucinatory hot. The world has been ravaged by war, its natural resources stripped, and it is no longer clear if there is an enemy left to fight or anything left to fight for. They wait. For orders, provisions, a sign of life. For rescue. Even for death. Daniel Talbott’s new play Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait explores the inhumanity of war and the ways we seek connection in order to survive.

Performance Schedule:
Monday – Dark
Tuesday – 7pm
Wednesday – Dark
Thursday – Sunday at 7pm

*No performances on
Tuesday, May 26th
Friday, May 29th
Sunday, May, 31st
Saturday, June 13th

**Added performances on
Monday, May 25th at 7pm
Wednesday, May 27th at 7pm
Sunday, May 24th at 7:30pm
Sunday, June 7th at 5pm

Ticket Information:
Regular Price: $45.00
Student Ticket Price: $10 – available for sale at Rattlestick or the Gym at Judson. Maximum two (2) tickets. Presentation of student ID required.

PLEASE NOTE: Performances take place at The Gym at Judson at 243 Thompson Street (at Washington Square South).

Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait contains strong language, mature subject matter, and nudity, and is not appropriate for those under the age of 14. Please be advised that the production will utilize strobe light. The play takes place in the desert; please note that you will be walking through sand to get to your seat.


    1. No nudity in Significant Other, though there was one golden opportunity, covered by board shorts.

  1. Chris Stack was naked for a brief moment. He showed his butt to the audience and then turned around to show his uncut dick. Sadly, Seth Numrich was not nude at all. He was shirtless for a good half of the play.

    David Anzuelo was in the audience. He was also in the audience when I watched the other Daniel Talbott play Gray with Will Pullen.

    Anyone saw Seth Numrich in Slippingz?….I missed it in 2009. I would appreciate if someone could describe Seth’s manhood. He is such a great actor. He was amazing in Golden Boy and War Horse.

    I guess he and Kathryn Erbe are good friends with Talbott. They were also together n the Talbott play Yosemite as mother and son.

    1. There’s plenty of testimony about Seth in Slipping in the archives, as recently as earlier this year. I concur with your view of AZAK, though I wouldn’t bet the rent on uncut — who can tell for sure at that speed? (I still think you’re right).

      1. Unfortunately the only info in the Archives is a post that it would be repeated in LA. No details on Mr. Numrich. I searched both “Seth Numrich” and “Slipping.” Apparently the Archives aren’t complete anymore.

  2. My original review of SLIPPING unfortunately was at my google blogpost which was deleted by Google. I lost all my archives 😦

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