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This latest Daniel Talbott play continues his streak of showing male nudity. Thanks Daniel. However, this play does not stand out and I felt like I’ve seen a play similar to this before. Nothing ground breaking. Using Brian Miskell’s weakling character (Leadem) as the anchor I think was a wrong choice.  It wasn’t able to bring a wider range of pathos throughout the play especially the whole play was set in an outpost in  a desert. It kind of dragged most of the time and I could see the end coming halfway through the play.

Although the cast was excellent, Seth Numrich stood out as the cocky soldier and Jelena Stupljanin as the Serbian woman. Kathryn Erbe has a very minor role in this play I’m amazed she took this part. Talbott’s use of technical elements are always excellent, from the set design (the whole theater has sand in it) to sound and ligthning.

Only Chris Stack, Dr. Michael Mccain of One Life to Live. showed nudity here. He is unrecognizable here as he has gained some pounds and of course he has to appear filthy.  He wandered to the outpost and to show he is unarmed, he has to drop his trou.  His ass is smooth and big and from the back, we can see his balls are very hairy.  When he turned to face the audience , it was so quick but from what I can see his pubes are very thick and curly, and I agree with some of the comments, it looked uncut.  And we get to see plenty of his hairy armpit as well.

Too bad Seth Numrich does not have any nudity. However, half of the play, he is shirtless, and now that he has bulked up a little bit, he is more of hunk now than a twink.  Very nice body indeed. Yummy.


Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait

Daniel Talbott’s new play explores the inhumanity of war and the ways we seek connection in order to survive.

In the not so distant future, two American soldiers wait at a worn-down outpost in the desert. Hot and bright. Hallucinatory hot. The world has been ravaged by war, its natural resources stripped, and it is no longer clear if there is an enemy left to fight or anything left to fight for. They wait. For orders, provisions, a sign of life. For rescue. Even for death.
Show Dates:
Performances from 21 May 2015
Opening: 09 Jun 2015
Closing: 27 Jun 2015

Performance Schedule:
Tuesday at 7PM
Thursday – Sunday at 7PM
No perfs: May 26, 29 & 31; June 13
Exceptions: perfs on May 25 & 27 at 7PM; May 24 curtain at 7:30PM; June 7 curtain at 5PM

Pricing: $45
(866) 811-4111

Theatre Information:
The Gym at Judson
243 Thompson Street
(at Washington Square South)
New York, New York 10012

Cast List:

Kathryn Erbe
Stephen Dexter
Brian Miskell
Seth Numrich
Chris Stack
Jimi Stanton
Jelena Stupljanin
Andy Striph


  1. A word should be said for Dan Talbott’s stunning piece just a few weeks ago at IRT’s Spring Fling, which showcased six short plays by six different playwrights, all totaling just 75 minutes. Five of the six were chatty, “civilized,” contemporary and evanescent: Even as you watched them they disappeared from memory. But Dan’s? Holy fucking shit. It was the exact opposite: Cinematic, ballsy, of another time and utterly unforgettable. At the very least, it’s the best 12-minute, three-act two-hander I’ve ever seen. It’s called Kids, and it starred — are you ready, kids? — our immortal cover boy Will Pullen and The Amoralists’ Nick Lawson (nude in Ghosts of the Cottonwoods), in a performance that makes Gloria Swanson’s in Sunset Boulevard look mousy. The play is about a young, English, Renaissance playwright (Will AS Shakespeare?), who has a pregnant wife at home, but who is desperately in love with his leading man (Nick), who plays women’s parts (he’s naked to the waist, sporting a Star of David tattoo, and in full drag, from makeup to tutu). Though it has no nudity, Kids sports a simulated, on-the-knees blowjob, a ferocious, molar-breaking kiss and proofs of love that involve severed body parts, broken hearts and eternal silence.The final image — of Nick in ecstatic despair — is worthy of F.W. Murnau, if Murnau were a headbanger. Kids proves three things: 1) Dan’s deepest work might be ahead of him 2) Will is the best actor in America under 25 and 3) Nick is capable of shaping legends onstage if given a chance. One offstage memory: Since dressing room space for six different casts at IRT is limited, Will changed in the men’s room to get into character’s underwear — nothing but white ballet tights under a white, cotton tunic. The sight of him greeting Dan in this costume, teasingly lifting the tunic and accepting a gift from Dan that eerily prefigured a pivotal moment in the play, is something I’ll take with me will MY eternal silence.

  2. Saw this past Saturday. First of all, don’t go for the nudity. I did, however, enjoy the set and the acting. The gym floor is covered in sand and the actors roll around in it. I felt sorry for the young lady theatergoers walking in their high heels and getting “trapped” in the sand. There were times when I felt I was watching a 3-D movie shot on location in a desert. Although the temperature was fine, I felt myself getting “hot” watching the actors in the diorama setting.

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