CROPPED6830RTprntTom Jacobson’s TWENTIETH CENTURY WAY has a re-staging at Rattlesticks Theater. Aside from better lighting and better stage, the play remained the same.  Plot is still relevant and not outdated and at the same time a vehicle to showcase the acting talent of the 2 characters.

Robert Mammana still has massive build, nice big chest with trimmed chest hair, nice smooth ass and a circumcised cock and tight balls.  As he was trying to erase the mark on his dick, he was pulling his member. So you can imagine how long it could be when it is hard.  The audience on the right side will have a better view of this “cock pulling”.

Will Bradley still maintained his boyish look five years later.  Although his belly has gotten a tad bit, he is still cute as a button. He has hairy low hanging balls, very bushy pubes and a big cut cock.

Both actors are nude at the end part for at least 2 minutes. The light is dimmed during this part, so if you don’t have a 20/20 vision, sit at the front row. You can see each and every body hair of the actors.


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  1. Saw yesterday’s matinee. Enjoyed the play and history lesson – recommended. Guys good looking and I wish the nude scene were a bit longer and a bit more open. Would have loved to have seen more of Mammana’s cock but he had most of it covered with his hand – very nice from what I saw. Bradley has nice low hangers and a dick to match. What got the toe queen in me wet, however, was the stripping and removal or the shoes and socks – put me in mind of what a straight man must must have felt like watching Gypsy Rose Lee peel off her clothes. Both had great feet, but I especially liked Bradley’s. Every now and then for some reason his great toe point upward as if he had a cramp. A must for my foot fetish brethren!

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