John, Who’s Here From Cambridge is part of one-acts Series B by EST’s 35th One-Act Marathon plays. I’ll just review this one act (since I left after the intermission 🙂 I just wanted to see his play). So Gregg Mozgala, plays John in the play who hired a home attendant to help him with his self-care which includes bathing. And that’s where we can see John in the nude.  The problem with this one -act is that it is not a one-act.  It feels it was just scenes as an acting exercise. It is not even half-baked, I would say it is just one-third baked! lol!  Now going back to Gregg who is a dancer with cerebral plays in real life.  He made John’s character very lovable.  He has  a very sexy body, moderately hairy and a nice hairy ass.  I was lucky where I was sitting, I got a long view of the tip of his cock during the whole shower scene. I wish I would have seen more. Choose the seats far from the entrance.


You can check more of Gregg here:

Series B Performance Schedule:

Evening Performances: Thurs May 28th, Fri May 29th, Sun May 31st

Weds June 3rd, Fri June 5th, Sun June 7th, Sun June 14th,

Weds June 17th, & Fri June 19th @ 7:00pm

Matinee Performances: Sat May 30th, Sun May 31st, Sat June 6th &Sat June 20th @ 2pm

Closes June 20th


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