AFTERCLAP5GOOD AFTERNOON by Daniel Reitz is part of the 35th Marathon of One-Act Plays Series C by Ensemble Stdio Theater. I have seen Series B and C and I must say that the one-acts they presented this year are hit or miss.  That’s why I’m so glad that Daniel Reitz’ one-act delivered. Consisting of three short scenes, the pathos for  Glen (Haskell King) and Lorrie (Kersti Bryan) was thoroughly felt. King plays a convicted sexual predator in the community and by law in that particular state, he has to introduce himself to the new neighbors.  I won’t ruin the mystery but I must say, the actors were good but it’s the writing that stood out.  I hope Reitz make this a full length play.

As for Haskell, he lost a bit of weight since the last time I saw him in Afterclap. But he still looks quite handsome.  The scenes are short and the lights off/on in between scenes are very short as well. There was no opportunity for Haskell to be full frontal here but in the third scene just as the lights comes up, we can see him pulling up his boxer brief. He made sure his hairy pubes were sticking out before pulling his boxer brief up.  Thanks Haskell.  He still has zero percent body fat and still as gorgeous as ever. I wish I can see hime more onstage in the future.

NUDITY RATING: 3 (Haskell gives us a quick glimpse of his pubes)

Series C is running until June 20.

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  1. Haskell King showing bush–sweet. Thanks for the great post! By the way, I got a ticket for the 24th–the series actually runs through June 27th, in case people are interested in getting tickets.

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