DS_Cast1Thanks to FIPInes for the tip. From ENDTIMES PRODUCTION- producers of NAKED HOLIDAYS


Saturdays at 7pm
June 27 through August 1, 2015
The Kill Bar @ Times Scare
669 8th Avenue (btw 42nd & 43rd)

From the press release:


He’s back! America’s most beloved MC has been exhumed and he’s ready to claw (and chew, and eviscerate), his way back to the top of the hosting food chain! Look out Fallon. Move over Meyers. Screw you Conan, who the hell watches TBS anyway? Ded has arrived, and he’s coming for you!

Join us Saturday nights at our new Times Scare home, as we present an action-packed 90 minutes full of singing, dancing, sketch, and burlesque. An evening so bloody, so wrong, and so generally off-putting that it will leave your date wondering what kind of a weirdo actually likes this sort of thing.

Really, it’s better that they find out now…

The Alien Surfer Babes
They came to conquer. One pop hit at a time.

Venus Flytrap
Men check in, but they can’t get out. Yeah, its probably what you’re thinking, sicko.

The Skin Burlesque
Ever wish there was more to take off? There is, but it takes commitment.

The Lobotomy Puppeteer
Like 50 Shades of Gray, but with the subject having absolutely no will of their own. Oh, hang on, that is 50 Shades of Gray. But we use a bonesaw.

Samara Sings!
That creepy girl from “The Ring” breaks out her ukulele… and wins your heart.

Savage Hot Babe Massacre
The long-awaited return of our horror-comedy favorite. Blood, gore, and a Bollywood dance number. If this one doesn’t get us kicked out of the venue, nothing will.

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  1. Saw this show this past Saturday. Unfortunately no dick. As a matter of fact, the only nudity was one topless scene – and she was wearing pasties. Kelly Riley (the “were deer” from Naked Holidays) was in the show but kept his magnificent cock in his pants. He did, however, do a scene barefoot in a hospital gown which I found kind of hot. Zero stars for nudity. Not a show for everyone, but I like the slap stick corney humor. I laughed so hard the cast bought me and hubby a round of drinks.

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