Reprisal: Mary (Todd)

2015-productionFor the 2015 Fresh Fruit Festival, organizers are reprising last year’s production of Mary (Todd), a one-man play featuring Xavier Reminick.

From the website:

“Todd Lincoln went out for a night on the town and ends up with his partner’s bloody head in his lap”

Hilarious and Heartbreaking, (MARY) TODD is a first-person account of the events leading up to and following the murder of young Southern man’s lover. Actor Xavier Reminick’s fantastic performance is a “full-frontal assault” on how we think about people and relationships. “The biggest Award-winner in our 12-year Festival history”.
1956243During the play, Reminick dresses and undresses several times letting it all hang out. It is a very brave performance. A review from last year’s festival is below:

Previous Review:

Running: July 16 – 8 PM; July 18 – 8 PM; July 20 – 9 PM



  1. Thank you for the heads up! Do you remember the best spot to get a seat (it’s general admission)?

  2. Any seat is good. Unless they changed things, the stage is uncluttered and the actor is front and center throughout. There are not any pieces blocking him. First couple of rows, more towards the aisle are probably best but other seats are not bad either.

  3. Saw the final show last night and it did nor disappoint. Xavier is an out outstanding actor. I think his name will be in lights before too long. The wardrobe and nudity did not disappoint either. He is thick and has large hangers and is certainly not shy in this production. I did visit it with him at length and he is one of the nicest, down to earth people I have met in the profession. Looking forward to great things from him.

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