11698767_963067493714628_7009352125516547877_oEveryone left because it’s July? Feeling lonely? Forget about Tinder. Ignore those messages in OKcupid? J-Date not cutting it? Match.com matched you with your roommate? EHarmony doesn’t work because you are gay and they suck balls? Just come to the PIT and get FUCT!!!!!

FUCT is a twisted, no-rules comedy troupe that challenges what audiences find taboo or offensive.

Their mission statement is simple: “We do what we think is funny.” Our culture has become too politically correct, so FUCT approaches dangerous subjects with a sense of humor and serious theatrical intent, while strapping themselves to a boulder and begging the audience to lash out at them as they will. . . both literally and figuratively.

“I loved it. . . Extremely clever sketch comedy with painful slapstick – as if the three stooges ACTUALLY used pick axes!” – George Wendt (Norm/Cheers).

They are, in many ways, a circus of comedy, suffering, and social commentary, incorporating music and dance, nudity and pain, misdirection and audience participation. A show that always asks. . . are you ready to get FUCT?

Four Show Run:

June 13th at 11pm
July 18th at 9:30pm
August 22nd at 9:30pm
September 26th at 9:30pm

Please note: The PIT Underground is not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us at 212-563-7488 with any questions.


July 18
9:30 pm – 10:30 pm
$10 General // $1 Students (at the door, room permitting)
Event Category:
Sketch Comedy
Buy Tickets:
Buy Tickets

The PIT – Underground
123 E 24th St, New York, 10010 United States

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  1. These guys are funny as ever. Saw the show and there were only 4 of them, but all 4 had extended nudity. Eric and Allison ran through the audience naked during the first skit which lasted close to 10 minutes. They were naked the entire time and both seemed to enjoy showing off and exposing everything. Later Janio and Paul (new) did a naked drinking contest, Janio did the naked rubber band slap and Paul and Eric played cock fight. It was – and always is – a hilarious show, with or without the nudity, but this show was quite heavy on clothes free.

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