underpants godot

From a very reliable source: There’s some full-frontal from Roberto and Jason, some rear from David, and Patrick and Pierce are in their underpants a lot. – Moderator

The Underpants Godot

A new play
Written by multi-award-winning playwright Duncan Pflaster

World Premiere August 2015

Cross-Eyed Bear Productions presents  The Underpants Godot
written and directed by Duncan Pflaster

part of the UNFringed Theatre Festival at the Secret Theatre in Queens.
44 02 23rd St Long Island City, NY

The Underpants Godot is about a director named Doug who’s surreptitiously rehearsing for an avant-garde production of “Waiting for Godot”,
with the main characters played by hot dudes in their underpants instead of old men. A representative from the notoriously litigious
Samuel Beckett estate crashes a rehearsal to investigate and decide whether the performance should be allowed.
The play is an hilarious meta-theatrical piece about the limits of adaptation and interpretation.

Starring: Pierce V. Lo, Roberto Pineda, Jason Pintar*, Amber Rhabb, Alyssa Simon*, Patrick Walsh*, and David J. Wiens*

Limited Run of 4 performances: Tuesday August 18th at 7pm, Wednesday August 19th at 7pm, Friday August 28th at 9pm, Saturday August 29th at 9pm
Tickets will be $18 at BROWN PAPER TICKETS or OVATIONTIX or call the box office at 718-392-0722. (Box Office is open after 5:30pm Tuesday-Sunday.)
The play includes Nudity, Profanity, and Literary Criticism, and is therefore NOT for children.


  1. Not very funny, pretty slow and uninteresting, and not much to look at. Should have skipped this one.

  2. I know this review is moot, but I did enjoy this play. I left the program in New York, so I don’t have the names in front of me. This is the year of low hangers!! When I first saw Roberto in his skimpy underpants, I thought he had a real long dick. When he was fully naked later and standing about 5 feet in front of me – I saw the length was his nut sack – although he also has a VERY nice uncut dick! Jason walked around with a robe and flip-flops – and I just knew that robe would come off – and it did! I did not get a full view of his cock – but it looked nice from what I could see. Audience right would have gotten a full view. David walked around in a red union suit with the flap down exposing his nice, young, bear/bare ass. I would have gladly rimmed him – although at 62 I would rim most anyone. I thought the play was clever but a bit too long.

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