Thomas Bradshaw’s FULFILLMENT


One of my favorite playwright, Thomas Bradshaw is back this time at The Flea.  I wonder if his new play can beat the nudity of INTIMACY.

From the press release:

Michael has a new girlfriend and has just bought the apartment of his dreams. It seems that his life should be perfect. Little does he know that his hell is just beginning. In Fulfillment Bradshaw tackles the question: what makes us happy?

“Bradshaw has proved in play after play that he has a confident vision of the theater that is his own. The politically incorrect plots jump merrily from one outrage to another, never pausing to explain motivation or linger on subtext… No playwright applies as ruthlessly Hitchcock’s definition of drama as ‘life with the boring parts taken out.’” – The New York Times

The World Premiere of FULFILLMENT will be directed by Ethan McSweeny and features Otoja Abit, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Jeff Biehl, Christian Conn, Denny Dillon, and Susannah Flood.

September 11 – October 19
Tickets are $15 – $35 – $55 – $75 – $105
Lowest priced tickets available on first-come, first-served basis.

Limited $105 VIP tickets include unlimited drinks and reserved seats.

Performances are Wednesday–Monday at 7PM and Sunday at 3PM. The production includes violence, nudity and sexual situations.

Opening night is September 21.

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  1. It was interesting play, but a but slow in the beginning. The lead character, played by Gbenga Akinnagbe is muscular and well toned. He removes both pants and underwear about 20 minutes in but i don’t think you see much because the shirt covers everything (you may see more if you sit more to the audience left). A few minutes later he is having sex on the bed and jumps out .. he is quite the show-er and was semi-erect and lasts about 20-30 seconds. The stage is a bit dark but you see well. I think higher up is better. I was right of center and had good view but i think left may be better. near the end of the play the friend Christian conn is in bed on audience right and you may catch a few glimpses as well if you sit in second or third rows. Rating: 5.

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