VINTAGE NUDITY: Michael Bakkensen

9a92fb_b40847499ec048918da36de25de4c33a.jpg_srb_p_600_456_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb.jpegEver see some hot stud come out on stage near naked and you hope like hell he’s gonna satisfy your craving to see his cock? Well, that was just what happened when I saw gorgeous Michael Bakkensen come out wet in a towel in “Out of Iceland” a few years ago. I thought–wowsa! I don’t know this guy but he’s fucking stunning–but what are the odds that towel … is … gonna … come … down … that would be too predic–ohhh my God! There’s his dick!” Yep, it seemed too obvious that it would happen, and then it did. And even though Michael covered up pretty quickly, you got a great glimpse of his round, muscled ass (I’m big on guy pussy, and Michael’s was grade-A man cunt) and then there he quickly showed a fine cock, average in length but probably of great size when hard (he’s a tall motherfucker) and a sweet patch of bush.

I love it when wholesome-looking dudes show us the goods. Then they’re not so tight and white–and that’s a good thing!


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