disclosures-qny15The Queer New York International Arts Festival is taking place at the Abrons Art Center from September 16th through September 26th.

One show that seems very interesting is the World Premiere of Bruno Isaković’s Disclosures.  

From the website: Disclosures is a performance that invites different people to share their stories, fears, and confidences, demystifying borders of privacy and nakedness as they strip away their clothes. Being naked/nakedness are intimate experiences closely related to one’s individuality and the social norms of one’s surroundings. Whether an extrovert or introvert, the idea of nakedness connotes meaning for everyone –- about borders, privacy, shame, vulnerability, and social order. It can also serve as a powerful affirmation of self, an empowering mirror through which one might not only see oneself, but also more fully see others. For the purposes of this experiment/performance, nakedness is utilized as a vehicle for the individual’s story, reason, self-representation—a history in which all these meanings are condensed.

The performance runs from September 22 to September 26 at the Underground Theater at The Abrons Art Center.  For tix, go to https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/cal/209

Isaković is no stranger to nudity and seems to incorporate it into many of his performances:



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  1. Definitely would recommend seeing this show. Unfortunately Bruno Isakovic does not perform but there is still a lot to enjoy. The piece is mostly confessional as the six performers tell personal stories while stripping off their clothes (there is some dance as well). The performers are brave for both baring their lives and their bodies. Of the six, there are three men and one queer gender performer who has a male body. All four are very attractive in different ways and all four are nude for at least 20 minutes or more. A nice variety and an intriguing performance. (Isakovic Will return in January, where he will present his piece Denuded, expanded from a dolo to a piece featuring 15 performers).

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