Gbenga Akinnagbe and Susannah Flood

It has become an event to see a Thomas Bradshaw play . This avid theatergoer attends his work in a state of anxious anticipation expecting be shocked.

“Fulfillment” is one of his most accessible works. The plot is a fairly conventional story of an alcoholic lawyer Michael (Gbenga Akinnagbe), a black lawyer who’s yet to make partner after so many years at his firm. He hasn’t gotten the partnership maybe because he’s black, or because he drinks? With the help of his colleague and girlfriend, Sarah (Susannah Flood), Michael’s able to get sober, problem one solved but he can’t do much about his skin color. Another problem is his obnoxiously loud upstairs neighbor, Ted (Jeff Biehl).

As usual, it is an enjoyable evening. The plot is simpler but the loopholes in the plot is also glaring that can distract suspending your disbelief on what the characters will do next. Michael invests in an expensive apartment in SoHo ($1.5 million for 752 square feet) , I can understand him hearing the footsteps and all from the neighbor upstairs but for them to be shouting at each other through the floor is just unbelievable.  Won’t the next door neighbor hear it more than the one living upstairs?  And if it’s a SOHO apartment and that expensive, I’ll expect that it is a high ceiling apartment. Not possible for the upstairs neighbor to hear Michael’s sex talk underneath him.

And as a lawyer, doesn’t Michael have the sense not to force himself in his neighbor’s apartment? Of all people he should be the first one to know he could get sued!

But “Fulfillment” is still engaging and unsettling because Bradshaw does not make Michael a blameless victim.

Bradshaw doesn’t disappoint in the nudity part. This production shows extensive acts of simulated copulation. But there’s nothing here to elicit gasps except when the audience saw Akkinagbe’s huge long black cock. He can definitely rival so may porn stars! It is thick and long.  I was actually wondering if it is a prosthetic penis.  Even though the lighting is dim, Akkinagbe showed his or the cock fully for more than a minute while he was tapping his neighbor’s floor. So is it really a prosthetic or he is just really well endowed. Maybe the other readers of this blog can give their opinions. As reported by Mlo before Akkinagbe has a previous scene where he was jerking his cock but because of his shirt we don’t really see it, )I sat at the audience right but due to the dim lighting and his shirt it’s really hard to see.  And this is why I was wondering if his cock was a prosthesis because if iit is that long, hoe come I didn’t see it when he was jerking his cock even if he has a long short on?  He has such a nice muscular body and his ass is big and firm!

If you want to see Christian Conn (Michael’s best friend) naked, you have to sit more in Audience left. From where I was sitting audience right I was only able to see his balls and pubes as Susannah was bouncing on top of him. He has a smooth ass, smooth dad bod which I like.

I will give this a NUDITY RATING of 5 (if Akkinagbe’s cock is not a prosthetic penis!)


By Thomas Bradshaw; directed by Ethan McSweeny. Presented by the Flea Theater. At the Flea Theater, 41 White Street, TriBeCa; 866-811-4111, theflea.org. Through Oct. 19. Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

WITH: Otoja Abit (Delroy), Gbenga Akinnagbe (Michael), Jeff Biehl (Ted/Leonard), Christian Conn (Simon), Denny Dillon (Bob/Agent/Waiter), Susannah Flood (Sarah) and Peter McCabe (Mark).


  1. You know how much I appreciate your site, milutilu, so let me be frank: I just saw Fufillment, and we saw somewhat different things. 1) If they were going to use a prosthesis, why wouldn’t they have made something bigger or even erect? As it is, it’s just exceptionally long Remember, in Intimacy, they used a prosthesis only to simulate ejaculation — the rest of the time, hard or soft, it was the real thing. But you’re right: If he’s so long in that scene, why is he invisible under the shirt? 2) The play is a crushing disappointment after Burning and Intimacy. I agree with you: It has so many absurd plot twists it makes Scream Queens look like Tokyo Story. How could the condo board president side against him after she herself (he himself?) heard the noise? How could the girlfriend argue that there was nothing he should do — not could do, but should do — except meditate? Don’t any of these people LIVE in Manhattan? 3) Christopher Conn’s nudity occurs audience (far) right, not left, and there are several seconds and exchanges of dialogue between the time she climbs off him on top and he mounts her from behind — during that time, he appears to be completely naked lying on his back, although from my seat on the left I couldn’t tell whether he was Bruce or Caitlyn. Could they have re-staged this or did they get a two-for-one deal on prostheses?

  2. I think I solve the riddle of why we don’t see anything when Gbenga is just wearing his shirt. When I saw it, right after that scene he is just wearing his underwear. You could see a string around his back right above his underwear. So iy appears he wears a pouch during that scene. Not sure why when goes fully nude later on but that explains why nothing is seen despite his considered lenght.

  3. New show alert: Lincoln center play Dada woot papa hot; Actor Alex Hurt has a full frontal scene for 3 seconds. Muscular body for sure. If you are sitting in section 1-3 ( where the exit is close to the men’s bathroom, as opposed to being close to the bar) you should see the front.
    Nice play too.

    1. Approximately when does the full frontal scene occur? I think the play is 1h40m with no intermission… I like to be ready for it! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. No frontal nudity in Lost Girls at MCC, despite the presence of it in the LA production. When did New York get to be cornier than LA? Also saw the handsome Dada Woof Papa Hot, but must think a bit more about the cunningly staged, lightning-quick nudity before commenting on it. And if I had seen Live from Lincoln Center’s recent (and magnificent) production of Show Boat before last year’s revival of My Night With Reg in London, I would have followed Julian Ovenden to the ends of the West End to see him. Why haven’t I ever heard of him before? That’s what I get for not watching Downton Abbey.

  5. Dada Woof was good, and a nice quick glimpse! Also saw Cinderella by Company XIV at Minetta Lane theater, so entertaining. No frontal nudity, but lots of hot guys in thongs with beatiful bodies and butts!

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