Out of State: Fulfillment in Chicago

Jason Bradley as Simon (l) and Stephen Conrad Moore as Michael

Fresh from the Flea Theater in NYC, Thomas Bradshaw’s Fulfillment is currently playing in Chicago at the American Theatre Company.  The cast is new but the production crew is the same, including the infamous “sex choreographer”.  Reviews for the show reveal the nudity and sex is still intact.  In the New York show, the character of Michael showed everything during a humorous scene where his noisy neighbor upstairs is interrupting his sex romp with his girlfriend.  The character jumps up and down on his bed completely nude!  The character of Simon was also nude during a sex scene but due to staging the goods were almost completely hidden.  Maybe the Chicago actor is a little braver or the staging is more open.

fullf13From the website: Michael has everything: the girlfriend, the condo, and the primo job at a top law firm. But after eight years, he has continually been passed up for a partnership, and starts to suspect it’s because of racial discrimination. When his boss tells him why, he has to decide whether he has the strength to confront a personal demon. In one of the most controversial stories ever to appear on ATC’s stage, playwright Thomas Bradshaw bravely and honestly exposes the painful gray areas between  the personal and the professional in America’s upper class. This production is a co-world premiere with The Flea Theater in New York.  

Running until December 13th.

Website: http://www.atcweb.org/#!fulfillment/c1r8v

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