nora-playbill-full-page-NEWCherry Lane Theatre is showing Ingmar Bergman’s Nora, an adaptation of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.  This show was produced last year in Connecticut and ended with the actor playing Torvald completely nude in the final moment.  According to reviews of this version, Torvald’s nudity is included and the actor playing him strips down onstage.  However, there is always a chance the nudity is blocked by staging or props or happens too quickly to fully catch so theater goers beware!

Torvald is played by Todd Gearhart and the production lasts until December 12th.

From the website: Ingmar Bergman’s “Nora,” a brilliant distillation of Ibsen’s masterpiece, “A Doll’s House,” is a riveting tale of a seemingly conventional woman, struggling and then coming to terms with her life as a doll-wife in a traditional marriage. Out of the shadows of deceit, blackmail, and betrayal, Nora rises to a new consciousness of herself as a woman in a man’s world. Through the microcosm of Nora’s “doll house” marriage, both Bergman and Ibsen pose crucial questions about the role of gender in modern society. 




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  1. Best views are on the 2 seats next to the bed. He is trimmed and cut. The scene is very brief – maybe 10 seconds as he strips off his clothes (facing the stage) and turns around hops into bed. Overall I think the performace at the Westport theater was better.

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