We should thank whoever had the guts to take a pic of English actor Ben Hardy who will play Angel in the upcoming X-men movie APOCALYPSE.

Main-BenHardyHardy went full frontal in the 2012 London revival of Judas Kiss.

I remember this play because up to this day it’s one of the worst Broadway shows I have ever seen.  I saw it back in 1998 with Liam Neeson as Wilde.

Here’s Ben’s goods. Nice ass I must say.

BEN HARDYtumblr_nixd1tPrxx1skl9f3o1_500

BEN HARDYtumblr_nixd1tPrxx1skl9f3o2_500BEN HARDYtumblr_nixd1tPrxx1skl9f3o3_500


  1. There is some good news about The Judas Kiss. The better received revival starring Rupert Everett is coming to NYC in May 2016 at BAM. It does not look like Ben Hardy is in the cast so there will be a new actor in the role of the flashing bell boy. But the good news is that Tom Colley will reprise his role as the Italian boytoy who apparently spends a chunk of his stage time fully nude.

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