Pylade_poster_optTwo of our members mlo and sauja have tipped us about this new La mama play. Thanks.

From the press release:

December 03 – December 18, 2015
Thursday to Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 4pm
Ellen Stewart Theatre | 66 East 4th Street (2nd Floor)

Recommended for Adults Only

Written by Pier Paolo Pasolini

English Translation of Pylade is by Adam Paolozza and Coleen MacPherson

Directed by Ivica Buljan; Assistant Directed by Arthur Adair

Performed by Great Jones Repertory Company with Marco Mandić
Pasolini’s PYLADE, a contemporary reinterpretation of the relationship between Pylades and Orestes from Greek mythology and the ORESTEIA, is a poetic, tragic meditation on democracy, consumerism, and the struggle for real social change. The rhythm and emotion of Pasolini’s text, translated into English by Adam Paolozza and Coleen MacPherson, is heightened by the music and movement incorporated into this production by Buljan and GJRC, to create a total theatre of movement, text, spectacle and music.

The Great Jones Repertory Company, the legendary troupe (founded by La MaMa’s late founder Ellen Stewart, director Andrei Serban, and composer Elizabeth Swados) will collaborate with Croatian director Ivica Buljan on the U.S. Premiere of Pasolini’s play, Pylades, based on the Oresteia. The Pylade cast features guest Slovenian actor, Marko Mandić as Pylade with Great Jones Rep company members Mia Yoo, Perry Yung, Chris Wild, Cary Gant, Eugene the Poogene, Maura Donahue, Valois Mickens, John Gutierrez, and Tunde Sho as Orestes.

Photos by Theo Cote

Pylade at La Mama

From mlo:

“There is extensive nudity — especially in the last 1/2 of the play (which runs 1:45 no intermission – from 3 principal actors: Marko Mandi (who was literally nude from the last 1/2 of the play), Perry Yung, and John Gutierrez. All have trim bodies and are cut untrimmed pubes. The staging is small and intimate – any seat is good. They at various times all three do go around the stage doing flips – you see e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, especially from the part of Pylade, played by Marko Mandi (and even sports a semi at some point – the guy has no inhibitions

I admit that I do not know a thing about the story of Pylades before going in and to be honest, i don’t know i got any more info after leaving the play – the dialogue was really stilted and difficult to follow – so be forewarned”

Here are the 3 actors he mentioned: From top: Marko Mandic, John Gutierrez, Perry Yung






  1. John Gutierrez was the standout for me. His lengthy, totally nude, simulated intercourse scene with Maura Nguyen Donohoe was, by far, the sexiest thing I’ve seen on stage, ever. They rolled around on the floor, humping and grinding, giving everyone a view of every part of their bodies. John is slim and ripped. He has a beautiful face and a beautifully shaped, dark, circumcised penis. His furry ass with dark hair in the crack was a sight to behold. I was sitting on the the floor level and got a good look at his asshole a number of times. When the sex scene ended, John’s cock was almost fully hard. He walked around for awhile showing his beautiful semi-hard cock.

    As for Marko Mandic. It’s true, the man has no inhibitions. He has simulated sex with both men and women, and full-on intercourse with a watermelon (seriously). After one of his sex scenes, he was lying on his back with a full erection. There were so many times that his cock (he’s definitely uncut) or ass was practically in my face. Actually, all three naked men (this includes Perry Yung) got so close to me I could smell them. There’s a lot of sweat.

    If you want an up-close and personal look at the actors, sit on the floor level.

    1. nyclover – really great review of Pylade. Upset I missed the show! I have read some reviews that suggested the male/female sex (unsure if it was with John and Maura or Marko and a woman) was part simulated and part authentic. Your description of his John’s scene with Maura has left me wanting more! Can you describe a bit more about it? Why was is the sexiest you’ve ever seen by far? Were there elements that were unsimulated? Thanks in advance.

  2. guys, any word on upcoming rattlestick’s what happen when in NY? it is written by Daniel talbott and has will pullen and jimi Stanton. This was performed in LA back in October.

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