I am bummed out to find out that there will be no NAKED HOLIDAYS this year. I was looking forward to this year ender nude show 😦


From their Facebook website:

Dear EndTimers,
Lots of you have been asking about Naked Holidays. Sadly, it ain’t happening. We were all cast and into workshops, when our prime investor pulled out at the last minute. Faced with the prospect of doing a weaker, bare-bones version, we decided it was better not to give our audiences a lesser show than they deserve. When we started out in 2007, we were doing the show on $3K budgets, and charging $20 a head. But NH has evolved into a $30K-plus production with a ticket price of $47-$55. You can’t do that on a shoestring and with the loss of our building in 2014, we haven’t felt we had the financial, or logistical resources to present the kind of show we want to do and that our audiences expect. Will there ever be another edition of NH? Well, in all honesty, given the trends in NYC, which are making the always difficult task of independent producing even harder, there are no such plans at this time. We may leave it up to the fans, by putting a fundraiser for the budget of a 2016 show out there, and only doing the production if we meet our goal. We’ll be having a company meeting after the holidays to decide if that’s something we want to pursue. However things shape up in the future, I’d like to thank everyone who came to see NH, and all of the productions from EndTimes over the past 9 seasons. Its been an amazing time, and none of it would have been possible without your support. Have an amazing not-naked holiday.
Rock On,
Russell Dobular
Artistic Director
EndTimes Productions


  1. That is crappy news. I was bummed out when they cancelled last year’s show but was relieved when they announced there would be a 2015 show. But considering the lack of updates on their website I figured 2015 would be a no-go. Not sure why they cannot go back to doing a simple but barebones show like in the past. I guess they got used to the bigger budgets and productions. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. At least we got to end the year with Gallin Dance and Pylade!

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