iconsquare12316250_865169356914405_1333818095914049944_nUnder {YOUR NAME HERE} new artistic leadership changes with Christian Coulson as a Co-Artistic Director, who joins David Macke, current Founding/Co-Artistic Director, and Daniel Talbott as Associate Artistic Director will feature for its first production  a workshop production of Daniel Talbott’s new play What Happened When with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater presenting.


Rattlestick Playwrights Theater presents

a workshop production of
What Happened When
in association with {Your Name Here}
written and directed by Daniel Talbott
featuring Will Pullen, Samantha Soule and Jimi Stanton

playing at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater (224 Waverly Pl)

December 15th-December 20th at 7pm

To make your reservation, please email tickets.rattlestick@gmail.com

*What Happened When is a workshop production. There is a suggested $10 donation. **Please remember that there are only 19 seats available per night. Reservations will be on a first come first serve basis!

Two young men, brothers who have recently been separated, reunite for a night of reminiscence and truth telling.


  1. No significant nudity in What Happened When, but you’ll never see Will Pullen in a setting this intimate, unless you corner him in a port-a-potty. The entire set and all 20 folding chairs are squeezed onto the stage of the Rattlestick, which is no bigger than the average living room/dining room of a classic six. You can not only tell/smell what the person sitting next to you had for lunch, you get a whiff of Will’s cologne (Swoon — me, not the name of the cologne). The lights are low, and much of the dialogue is almost whispered, which gives you the thrilling sensation of eavesdropping (audio voyeurism, like Gene Hackman in The Conversation). Will is, once again, superb, in a role very different than his Shakespeare-in-Love in his most brilliant collaboration with Dan, Kids, but infused with many of the same elements: A lovesick swagger; a teasing, interrogatory style; a coiled, lying-in-wait presence; and a kind of guilt-stricken homoeroticism, enhanced, in this play — SPOILER ALERT — by incest, both father/son and (I think) brother/brother. The play is at once a ghost story and a memory play, and it makes you long to see Will in what he has said is his dream role: Johnny in John Patrick Shanley’s Beggars in the House of Plenty. There’s a rageful, sick-humane, child comedian waiting to be unleashed (unhinged?) in Will Pullen, which you glimpse in his Widmark-worthy giggles both here and in his defining role (so far) in Punk Rock. The most moving line in Beggars could be said to Will by anyone who has ever seen him on a stage: “I will never think of you without a gasp of wonder.”

    Nudity rating: 2 (butt crack, boxer briefs, naked from the waist up).

    Another story: I agree with what everybody has said about Pylade, which enjoys its last performance tonight at La MaMa. Body-wise, I was especially excited by John Gutierrez, who’s so boy-band cute there was a conga line of hot girls from the audience waiting to talk to him after the show — I couldn’t even get in a handshake!

    But the funniest thing: When, 30 years ago, I went to see Salonika, which featured a legendary nude scene with Maxwell Caulfield, Estelle Parsons (as well as Geraldine Page) was in the audience. When I went to see Gray, last winter’s collaboration between Dan Talbott and Will Pullen, which featured the latter’s breathtaking nude scene, Melissa Leo told me she came to see the play because Estelle Parsons recommended it. And when I went to see Pylade, who’s sitting behind me? Estelle Parsons! She’s eighty-fucking-eight years old, and still hauling it to see gorgeous actors. What an inspiration. She’s like the fairy godmother of male nudity in New York theater. I was going to kiss her feet after the show, but she knew a crazy fan when she saw one, and made a b-line for the exit.

  2. You’re welcome, donovan. If you check my comments after Nudity rating, that about covers it. Peeks of ass by Will, also in boxer briefs (in dim lighting), as well as shirtless scenes with both Will and his capable male costar, Jimi Stanton, a Dan Talbott veteran from Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait. Sitting as far to the left as possible is preferable for all skin. But wherever you sit: No frontal (that I could tell). Hope that helps.

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