Yesterday I was taken by a friend to a performance of short plays by the Youngblood Ensemble Studio Theatre. One of the shows seem worth mentioning–this playlet called TIGHTY WHITIES! It featured four young actors I’m unfamiliar with–Will Dagger, Artem Kreimer, Debargo Sanyal and Jonathan Randell Silver (I guess they’re Youngblood Ensemble Studio company members)–and they played sixth graders in a locker room. Three of them stripped down to their boxers and the fourth was force-stripped and exposed in the tighty whities of the play’s title. Will Dagger was the boy in the briefs. He sported a nice bulge and a cute round ass in his underwear.

NUDITY RATING: 1 (underwear only)


  1. I saw the guy in the photograph at the Flea Theater last weekend in the men’s room. He was at a urinal. As I peed, I took a peek–he has a beautiful cut dick. Does this count as a male nudity report? ๐Ÿ™‚

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