The Abrons Art Center is continuing its fine tradition of offering copious male nudity in its dance and performing arts programs (their spring program promises at least two more as well!).  In January for two nights only they are presenting the US premiere of Bruno Isakovic’s expanded program DENUDED.

Bruno Isakovic


From the website: Featuring an international cast of eleven performers, Croatian choreographer Bruno Isakovic’s Denuded presents his continuing research into the transformations of a performer’s presence. Having performed a solo version of the work at Abrons in 2014, he now explores within the context of a group the connection between breathing and physical tension, and ways their interdependence capture the body at any moment.

There is a video preview from last year’s world premiere on Vimeo at the link below.  According to the preview four of the dancers are male including Isakovic himself.  It is uncertain if the same dancers in the video will be appearing at the Art Center.




  1. Thanks for the tip. Saw the Vimeo on it and, well… I dunno, might not be my kind of thing.But I wish all its enthusiasts, both on & off the stage, nothing but joy.

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