Hello everyone,

It’s time for our annual poll. 2015 was another great year for male nudity in New York theater scene. It’s so hard to choose so you can choose maximum of 10 from the list.  As I list all the brave actors who showed us their most intimate parts, the events this year that stood out for me are the following:

1. FULFILLMENT- Another classic Bradshaw play, who can forget Gbenga Akkinagbe’s long cock that I mistook it for a penis prostheses?

2. FUCT NYC- These guys are consistent in showing us their junks especially Eric Eikey who’s becoming more and more daring in showing us everything including his hole!

3. GUYS of PYLADE- One of the most extensive nudity I’ve seen ever! Mandic even showed us his woody!

4. The beautiful cock of WILL PULLEN albeit limited run so not too many people were able to see him up close and personal.

5. The very big balls of STEPHEN PLUNKETT in Snow Orchid

And I’d like to mention things that I miss and/or a let-down:

1. The shows in Fringe NYC that features male nudity- whatever happened o this festival?

2. Again no NAKED HOLIDAYS 2015?

Wishing more cock on stage this 2016!!!

Let’s vote!


  1. My wishes for 2106:

    – A return of nudity to the Fringe Festival – it has been pretty tame these past two years

    – Stateside productions of the some of the plays produced last year in London that featured copious male nudity including My Night with Reg, The Curing Room, The Glass Protege, and Gods and Monsters

    – More revivals of plays with classic scenes of nudity such as The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, Party, Love! Valour! Compassion! and of course Take Me Out

    – The death of “nude” scenes where the actor is clearly nude but due to creative blocking you do not see a thing!

  2. Hey, milu, it says your blog’s domain is expiring in 6 days, whatever that means (it says that in a popup when you go to the page). And thanks (again) for the annual poll. This year I voted for Stephen Plunkett in Snow Orchid because 1) it was the best 3-second flash in theater history 2) it was so unexpected (who’d a thunkit about Stephen Plunkett?) and 3) I was sitting on the wrong side of the house for Will Pullen’s nudity in Gray.

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