And the HOTTEST NUDE SCENE of 2015 is…

Whoa! We have another tie for the HOTTEST NUDE SCENE of 2015. Back in 2014 we had a tie between WILL PULLEN and DAVID ANZUELO and this time, WILL BRADLEY and QUINN FRANZEN also tied for the first place!

BuSmydjIUAA15mRWill Bradley once again wowed theater-goers when he reprised his role as one of the leads in The Twentieth Century Way, a fast-paced two-man tour-de-force that had Bradley playing a staggeringly eclectic handful of different characters, and doing so expertly and stripping down to his birthday suit by the end of the play.The Twentieth-Century Way

Quinn Franzen for Intiman by LaRae Lobdell |
Quinn Franzen for Intiman by LaRae Lobdell |

Quinn Franzen brazenly pranced around the stage for the whole first act showing us his goods in Threesome was just awesome! Rare for me to say that any seat is good to ogle an actor’s cock. And he has nothing to be ashamed of. His big uncut cock, lovely bush and low hangers is just so yummy!773df61c-1e97-11e5-aff8-53708c3725fd-1020x991CHKNVycVIAEo6yHTOC_2_Quinn1-570TOC_2_Quinn2-570

These 2 deserved to win our HOTTEST NUDE SCENES of 2015!!! I hope to see more of these two not only onstage but in movies and TV as well.


  1. I hope 2016 is a better year than 2015. January seems off to a slow start but February may already be getting better. I hear Joshua Jackson may give a quick flash and nice undies scene in the new show at 2nd Stage

  2. Just by reading from theater review, I know two shows have male nudity. But I haven’t seen either of them, so no detailed information.

    The glory of the world at BAM. 17 male cast. Closing week
    The grand paradise in Brooklyn. An interactive 70’s experience.

  3. Better start saving your pennies everyone – it was announced today that Andrew Garfield will be starring as Prior Walter in Angels in America in April 2017 in London.

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