The Glory of the World

Thanks to Ken for the tip! This show is closing this Saturday

BAM and Knight Blanc present
The Glory of the World
By Charles Mee
Directed by Les Waters
Actors Theatre of Louisville

The Solo cups are overflowing at the centennial birthday festivities of renowned mystic and Catholic monk Thomas Merton, author of The Seven Storey Mountain. In this explosive celebration from legendary writer-director duo Charles Mee (Big Love) and Les Waters (Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice), 17 men in party hats assemble somewhere between Trappist monastery and plywood warehouse to toast Merton’s many faces, asking: What makes a man? What makes a saint? What if nothing is sacred—and everything is?

As the night devolves, each facet of Merton’s contested image—silent monk, poet, spiritual anarchist, Buddhist thinker—inspires more speeches, slow dances, makeouts, fist fights, and silent reflections, amassing a layered portrait of what it is to be a human being, full of contradictions and brimming with life.

Jan 16—Feb 6, 2016

Performance dates & times
LOCATION:BAM Harvey Theater

RUN TIME: 1hr 22min

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  1. I saw Glory of the World last week. The only nudity is of a rather hunky Latino guy. Towards the middle of the play the guys are dressed somewhat formal, or at least better dressed than they are at the top of the show. A fight breaks out between two of the men and then all the others join in what becomes a melee. The Latino guy gets thrown to the ground and people sortof attack him, each pulling off a piece of his clothing until he is left stark naked, but completely cupping his jewels. (I would have never thought it could be so small that he could cup it completely)…he runs around the set, and then escapes into a bathroom. He makes his return again through the bathroom about 5 minutes later still running and cupping. He then turns his back, grabs some exercise pants and puts them on. Not a muscular ass but a nice beefy one.

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