“The Glory of the World,” a new play by Charles Mee starts and ends in silence that takes a look at the life of Thomas Merton, the 20th-century American Catholic thinker who “remains a source of spiritual inspiration and a guide for many people,”.

The play is set at a 100th birthday party for Merton, where 17 men would quarrel over how to toast Merton who was a monk, a writer, a champion of nonviolence and a friend to Eastern religions before dying at 53 of an accidental electrocution in Thailand.

“The Glory of the World,” is an exploration of how to think about a complicated historical figure, and, in the process, how to think about ourselves. Over the course of the play, the characters offer different takes, often in the form of toasts to Merton — celebrating him as a pacifist, a Communist, a meditator, a bohemian and so on.

I’m for using silence onstage no matter how long it is but to use it at the top of the show without knowing what was going on was unnecessary. However, I must say I have enjoyed this production. The dialogue and banters were very funny, the choreography is spot on and the cast delivered.


22GLORY-facebookJumbo-v3Lots of armpits can be seen from almost all of the male cast. Only one actor shed his clothes Jose Leon.  Too bad he has to cover his crotch as he was stripped by other cast members and he has to run around the stage twice naked.  He did not show his cock only his pubes and balls.  He is a bit chunky and moderately hairy body and ass.

jose leon shirtlessjjose leon 25758_1126559650695507_702408750_n

Show’s last performance was Feb.6.

NUDITY RATING: 2 ass and balls



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