Thanks to Calvin for the tip that Joshua Jackson of Dawson’s Creek fame has a nude scene in Second Stage Production of Smart People.

Here’s an excerpt from review:

by Zachary Stewart

It takes place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, during the 2008 presidential election. Valerie (Tessa Thompson) is a black actress and recent Harvard MFA who canvases for Obama. To make extra money, she participates in visual stimuli tests conducted by Doctor Brian White (Joshua Jackson), a Harvard professor who has allegedly proved that racism is a genetic trait shared by all white people. Brian is sleeping with fellow professor Doctor Ginny Yang (Anne Son), a tenured psychologist who coaches her female Asian-American clients on how to be more assertive. She hunts for new study subjects at the Chinatown free clinic run by Doctor Jackson Moore (Mahershala Ali), an African-American graduate of Harvard med school who happens to be Brian’s only friend. The four characters intersect in myriad ways over the course of the play before they are finally all in the same room for a super awkward dinner party. “It’s like that f*cking Kevin Bacon game,” Valerie correctly observes.


Director Kenny Leon (A Raisin in the Sun) pulls out all the stops to keep us engaged: sliding scenery (efficiently imagined by Riccardo Hernandez), giant projections (smartly curated by Zachary G. Borovay), and full-frontal male nudity (this is your chance, Dawson’s Creek fans…house right).



at the Tony Kiser Theatre: 305 West 43rd Street

RUNTIME: 2 Hours, 15 Minutes including one 15-minute intermission



  1. Right of center (I was 4 from the right and far back). The scene is very very brief (maybe 2 seconds at most) about 20minutes in. He is in the locker, gets the towel ready as he strips off his clothes, and then wraps it around himself. The brief glipse I got he was bushy, cut (i think) and was a looker (5″ flaccid). In the second half there is a long scene with him in his boxer briefs- it is a nice package.

  2. thanks, m_lo for heads up, as it were, and for the specificity, especially about the when & where — when it happens & where to look. I just scored an A row seat on the right & will report as soon as I see. I also have an interesting anecdote about seeing JJ’s penis in real life years ago. Can’t wait to see how it has matured, which is more than I can say for myself.

  3. So I finally got to see this and either on purpose or on accident Joshua Jackson drapped the towel too far off his shoulder, completely blocking his dick from view. Dammit lol. I always fear nude scenes with just a quick flash – I always wind up missing the goods. Contemplating seeing again but curious if the towel was drapped over his shoulder for other performances. Wouldn’t want to spend more money only for it to be blocked from view again (wonder why he agreed to a nude scene if he is so shy about it – it didn’t seem essential to the scene at all)

  4. Thank you, Calvin. I’ve been dragging my feet reporting on this because it’s one of the biggest disappointments in the history of male nudity in New York theater. I was sitting in A112, a perfect seat, and not only does Jackson position the towel to block the view of some of the audience, he bends forward at the waist about 30 degrees so that his genitals flop between his legs, which means that absolutely nobody in the audience saw anything. Even two guys sitting behind me, who I think were straight, were jokingly bitching at intermission about “missing it.”

    Since I was so close to the exit, I stayed for the second act only until the underwear scene, which, shockingly, was another cheat in an entirely different way. Under his boxer briefs, Jackson is wearing a pouch so padded it makes Christian Borle’s codpiece in Something Rotten look like a thimble — you can’t see the outline of anything; a Ken doll shows more trade. UR right, Calvin, why did Jackson go on Seth Myers to chortle over the nudity (wink, wink, come see my show!) when he had intention of doing it? I really think we ought to get together in cases like this & sue for full refunds on the basis of fraud and false advertising.

    And once again — incredibly — who was in the audience? Estelle Parsons! Which means she’s not only the fairy godmother of male nudity in New York theater, she’s the fairy godmother of FAKED male nudity in New York theater.

    Since the show was such a swindle, I am happy to recount, for public record, my Joshua Jackson penis story. It happened 14 years ago in the men’s room of a movie theater after the premiere of something in which Jackson appeared. Happily, the urinals were lit like the operating room of an oral surgeon about to perform a root canal, and there were no partitions between them. Sidling up on the right of the tall, handsome star in a charcoal suit & grey shirt sans tie, I instantly eyeballed a prize that would win a prize if prizes were given out for such things.

    Mesmerized & unable to look away, I was fixed on a penis that was getting a good airing after a long movie & longer night ahead (this was pre-Diane Kruger). With his thumb on the top and his forefinger on the bottom, Jackson had pulled his generous & loose foreskin almost all the way back to the base, leaving a glistening, tacky, bright-pink member that stretched out at least six inches. The head was a downcast, reddish mushroom. Flicking just once, Jackson made a quick getaway to the sinks, where he glared over his shoulder to give me the longest, deepest, head-to-toe once-over I had ever gotten, including from the police. It’s as if he were memorizing every detail of my appearance so that if he ever ran across me again he’d be forearmed.

    It took 14 years for his memory to pay off & cheat me out a second view.

    Over those years, I often wondered why, with a dick like that, he didn’t show it off more often. Before the debut of The Affair, the Showtime series about extramarital fucking in which Jackson was one of four principal cast members, I thought, “Well, at last, we’re going to see Junior Jackson committed to image.” But no. And now with this play, which goes so far as to boast about its nudity, it’s another big no. What next? A reopening of the Gaiety Theater with a matinee performance by Joshua Jackson is a sequined banana hammock? I mean, whoever thought of cockteasing as a career move?

    1. Now my hopes are fading away when I see the show next week. Hopefully before the show ends, Joshua will realize to hell with covering my cock and let me just show it. I know wishful thinking on my part lol

      1. Milutilu, fingers crossed it was just a fluke the night I went (maybe his grandmother was in the audience lol). He definitely went full frontal in the first couple of weeks – it mentioned it at least two reviews I read and a couple of message boards, plus m_lo was able to see it when he went. Not sure why he would stop showing it now.

        The cynic in me feels it was just a marketing ploy, talk it up in interviews and hope it spreads that Pacey from Dawson’s Creek shows his dick to sell tickets. Now that the final weeks are pretty much sold out there is no need to use his dick to sell any more seats. Or maybe something spooked him or something; maybe the ushers found someone secretly filming. Or maybe he just drapped the towel too far the night I saw him!

        Good luck and sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up!

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