smart-peopleOMFG! I usually talk about the play before reporting the nudity but I got lucky the night I saw this play! Joshua Jackson did not try to hide his pecker at all!!!

I was a bit disappointed by the earlier comments that Joshua was trying to hide his junk in the locker room scene so I prepared myself that I won’t be able to see him in all his glory.  But the night I was there, I recognized his co-star from The Affair Maura Tierney was there, and seems a lot of big wigs were there.

And finally, the moment I was waiting for. Joshua has the towel folded in half so it was not too long, he put it on his left shoulder and took off his shorts and underwear together. There it was! His uncut cock and bushy pubes.  He didn’t seem to rush at all, took one breath before covering himself. Even the ladies behind me can’t help but gasp. It was so pretty and looks so delicious! It’s not big by any means but it was mesmerizing. His body is lean but not toned, has some body hair and I love his nipples too.

Thank you Joshua!

article-2481756-191BF83200000578-720_634x900Now for the play:

Four intellectuals: Valerie, a young African-American actor; Jackson, an African-American surgical intern; Ginny, a Chinese-Japanese-American psychology professor; and Brian, a white neuropsychiatrist addressing the complications of race make up our quartet.

Dialogue is funny, topic is relevant especially now that the presidential election is upon us. Systemic racism is alive and well back in 2008-2009 (time line of the play) as it is now, 2016. Hypothesis of Joshua’s character is somewhat feasible, creating friction on the dynamics of the four characters onstage. It has lots of flaws as it has its strengths but at the end of the play, it makes the audience think. What is my perspective about racism?



Smart People is at Second Stage through March 6.

NUDITY REVIEW: 4  (Joshua has given us a peek of his junior)


  1. Damn, I guess it really was a staging mistake the night I went when the towel blocked the nudity. Glad you were able to get a good view Milutilu but disappointed I missed put. Oh well.

    1. It interesting that he put the towel on his left shoulder. The night I went it was on his right shoulder. It seems likely he intentionally was hiding it the night I went. Maybe my theory was correct – his granny was in the audience or something lol.

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