Out of State: Sex with Strangers (NJ)

Kyle Coffman as Ethan

Currently playing at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick

Note: The theater website warns of mature themes and nudity.  However I do not recall there being nudity in the previous NY production so as always take the  nudity warning with a grain of salt.  Fingers crossed the cast dares to bare it all but it wouldn’t be the first time creative blocking obscures the nudity.


From the website: Ethan, a young hotshot writer, and Olivia, a teacher whose writing career stalled after one book, find themselves snowbound at a remote bed and breakfast. He shares his sexual exploits online and through best-sellers; she keeps her unpublished second book to herself. It does not take long for opposites to attract and chemistry to ignite. Sex is imminent. But is their attraction driven by love, passion or opportunity?

Tickets: http://www.georgestreetplayhouse.org/mainstage/sexwithstrangers


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