I give it to Adam Rapp for continuously pushing his boundaries and write plays that are out of the box plus his plays always feature some male nudity.

As you walk in you will see ripe mound of earth, with sickly flowers and garbage at the center. We, the audience, are that river (as we’re told early on) that surrounds it. The people inhabiting this place are  disaffected and dysfunctional Americans perpetrate gory acts of violence upon one another ruled by the tyrannical and sadistic Monty Mae Maloney (Xanthe Paige). She keeps the members of her clan solvent by selling their plasma to blood banks, wields a crocodile-headed cane to squelch any signs of rebellion.

Our main protagonist is poor li’l Tana Weed (Kate Thulin), a wistful 16-year-old with dreams of crossing the river that keeps her from her true love, Debo (Maki Borden), a skiff-riding swain with a passion for old cars. She can’t expect any assistance from her brother, Dothan (William Apps), a  damaged veteran from Afghanistan.

Rounding up the tribe are Aikin (Karen Eilbacher), Monty’s trusted right hand and the simple-minded Pin (Mike Swift), first seen copulating with a blowup sex doll.

Tana’s story is narrated and annotated by the shirtless zero percent body fat Man (Jack Ellis), also known as the Wolf.

Jack Ellis as the Man

I commend Rapp for attempting to use prose in the character’s dialogues. The creativity of the team is evident as the audience experience watching a play in a different way since we as the river are immersed in it.  However, the simplicity of the plot became convoluted because of all these attempts to think outside the box.

I enjoyed this experience but I can say this is one of Rapp’s weak plays so far.

Too bad Jack Ellis who has a hot bod didn’t get naked. But it was fun to see him shirtless all throughout the play. Mike Swift showed his circumcised cock, tight balls and red bush as he fucks the blow up doll. If you sit close to the fridge, you can see Swift’s smooth hole.

Mike Swift as Pin

NUDITY RATING: 5 (Mike Swift fucks the doll, shows everything including his hole)

Wolf in the River
Flea Theatre
41 White St.
Runtime 1 hr. and 45 min.

Cast Featuring William Apps, Maki Borden, Alexandra Curran, Karen Eilbacher, Jack Ellis, Kristin Friedlander, Jack Horton Gilbert, John Paul Harkins, Olivia Jampol, Artem Kreimer, Derek Christopher Murphy, Xanthe Paige, Mike Swift, Kate Thulin and Casey Wortmann

Preview March 10, 2016

Opened March 21, 2016

Closing Date May 16, 2016



  1. Totally agree with everything you said. Not one of Rapp’s best but his not best is usually miles above most of what’s out there. I was sitting in front of MIke Swift as he fucked the blow up doll, so I didn’t get to see his ass, but had a lovely view of his cock, balls and bush once he finished fucking and as he slid on his sweats. There was ample opportunity for much more nudity, sorry it didn’t happen, but I’ll take what’s there!

  2. I saw the asses of 2 of my favorite guys in the ensemble as they changed into their final costumes behind the audience. Sexy. I read that Jack Ellis is only in the show for part of the run then a woman is taking over the part, not sure how that will translate.

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