Skin Me

skin-me-2016Playing at the Abrons Art Center for two nights only on April 8th and 9th:

Winner of Hungary’s Rudolf Laban award for contemporary dance, Viktória Dányi, Csaba Molnár, and Zsófia Tamara Vadas’ Skin Me is loaded with political metaphor, irony, and a refreshing self-awareness. Set to a punchy rock score that’s performed live, the work unfolds with brazen displays of nudity, hilarious interactions, and provocative images. Overtly sexual yet not gratuitous, it’s a prime example of the bold and energetic choreography that is currently being made in Eastern Europe.

Readers might remember Csaba Molnar from the memorable City by the dance collective BLOOM! from several years back:

CITY: Csaba Molnar is on the far right



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