I had fun watching Willow Mill Productions DYING LIKE IGNACIO playing at The Workshop Theater playing until Sunday April 10.

  The world of BDSM threatens the relationship of childhood friends Michael (Jeff Hathcoat) and Carlos (Michael Basile) as Michael got deeper in the slave and master dynamics with John (Thomas Raniszewski) which Carlos wife  Maureen (Meredith Lark) would not let happen as she loves both men.

  The whole cast played their roles adeptly. I love Basile’s Italian accent, he, Jeff and Meredith has great chemistry. Raniszewski was great as the master manipulator. He was very funny at the first half of the play because he played it as if he knows something and the audience is not in on the joke. And showing his versatility, he became scary at the latter half.

 Unfortunately, there was no nudity involved. All 3 male actors went as far as their boxer briefs but nothing else. Jeff has nice body as well as Thomas both competing with their six pack abs! 
It was a good play but it could have been better. I felt the playwright Louis Mascolo  didn’t go all the way to the darkness and psychological insanity that BDSM can do to a person. 

I wish he made the stakes much higher and pushed it to the limit like what they do in slave-master relationship.  It was cute first half and darker plot second half. Too many scene changes did not allow for the actors to be nude. Although there were some scenes where it could have happened. But even without nudity, I had fun watching it.

NUDITY RATING: 1 ( underwear only)

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  1. That’s a shame that it could have been better and more skin. Did anyone see the adds for Troll at the Secret Theater? I think it has a cast of 4 men and warns of adult language, adult situations, and nudity. Maybe it is more promising, but the synopsis didn’t sound like a show with nudity upon first read

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