Thanks to nuthinbutnet8 for the tip.  Currently playing at the Secret Theater in Long Island City:

Inspired by the real life case of Violentacrez, Troll tells the story of Ari Jacobs, a young web-journalist who’s uncovered the scoop of a lifetime. An Internet “troll” holds sway over the online community of Reddit, filling its pages with hate, filth, and sex, moderating message boards like “Jailbait” and “Jewmerica” with impunity and seemingly unlimited power. When Ari discovers the real life identity of this troll, he’s faced with the question of whether or not to expose this monster to the world.

12967427_10154143472125820_143967631378602491_oNote: The ticket page warns of adult situations and nudity.  An old casting notice says the main role of Ari requires nudity.


Playing until Sunday, April 24th

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