New Ohio Theatre and Blessed Unrest present


Conceived and directed by Jessica Burr
Created by the ensemble
With text by Matt Opatrny

An Archive Residency Production, in collaboration with IRT Theater

Featuring: Natalia Escobar, Catherine Gowl*, Tatyana Kot, Poppy Liu, Sevrin Anne Mason*, Darrell Stokes*, Sonia Villani, Nathan Richard Wagner, Joshua Wynter*

A trauma surgeon works to repair her patient’s internal organs, a painter seeks to expose the raw humanity of his nude model, and a woman journeys back to Chernobyl as she strives to understand the body that is now only partially hers. BODY digs into the flesh, organs, bones, systems, and movement of the human body as art and as machine.

Running time: 100 minutes, no intermission.

Warning: Bodies will appear in their natural state.


  1. No nudity in Crude at Ars Nova, despite the presence of Nico Tortorella, eye candy that can act (be alert for lime-green boxer briefs in the closing seconds).

    1. Hi lucy, from the sounds of the reviews of the Toronto production (which is also the one that will play next week in NYC with the same cast) they kept all the nudity intact, including the very lengthy nude scene by the actor playing the Italian lover at the top of the second act. Two other actors also go full frontal as well (the bellboy at the top of act one and Wilde’s young lover at the top of Act Two). Don’t know much yet about best place to view all the nudity but I already have my ticket bought!

  2. rating:5. Check the website: for pictures. There is extensive nudity from everyone (both men and women) in the cast. There are three guys: 1. Darrell Stokes is in the late 30s/early 40s, (average body) cut and trimmed. He is basically naked for nearly the entire performance. 2. Nathan Richard Wagner in his late 20s/early 30s came out in the beginning naked, compact body, cut and minimally trimmed about 5 minutes in he remained dressed. 3. Joshua Wynter is black, muscular, uncut and more a show-er. He is nude for 1/2-3/4th of the play. Any seat is good.

    1. Awesome report m_lo! I am planning on seeing it next weekend – I cannot wait! This year started a little slow with nudity but between this, the upcoming Judas Kiss at BAM, and some dance shows at Abrons and La Mama, things are definitely shaping up!

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