In the spring of 1895, Oscar Wilde was larger than life. His masterpiece The Importance of Being Earnest was a hit in the West End; he was the toast of London. Yet by summer he was serving two years in prison for gross indecency.

Celebrated film and stage actor Rupert Everett captures the brilliant gay aesthete in the Hampstead Theatre production of lauded playwright David Hare’s (Skylight, The Hours) 1998 play, courtesy of Chichester Festival Theatre and directed by Neil Armfield (The Diary of a Madman, 2011 Spring Season). Taking as its inspiration the “love that dare not speak its name”—Wilde’s adoration for Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas—The Judas Kiss captures the before and after of Wilde’s downfall: cajoled by Bosie into an ill-fated trial, then destitute and in exile in Naples following his imprisonment. The result is this multidimensional study of an icon faced with annihilation, still cleaving with remarkable sincerity to his ideals of beauty “above everything, and in all things.”

US Premiere

May 11—Jun 12, 2016

Performance dates & times
LOCATION:BAM Harvey Theater

RUN TIME: 2hrs 30min (with intermission)


  1. Got tickets! Don’t forget “Take Me Out” this weekend at the Bijou Theater in Bridgeport, CT. These are always hit or miss. Will give report on Sunday.

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    On May 9, 2016 7:45:48 PM MALE NUDITY in NEW YORK STAGE

  2. Rating 5
    Check out program:
    The play begins with Elliott Balchin in bed with a woman. He gets out of bed and is you briefly see him get dressed. He is muscular and (uncut?very breif scene). Then the second act begins with Tom Colley and Charlie Row in bed. Charlie row gets out and wraps a bedsheet around himself. He is thin twinky uncut (brief scene). Then Tom colley gets out of bed and walks around – muscular, hairy trimmed uncut — he sits down on stage (naked) for about 10-15 minutes goes off stage and comes back out naked while walking across the stage. Definitely on stage a long time.
    TI was sitting audience right closer to front which gave a great view but i’m not sure about other sections. Note the stage is kinda far away even though I was sitting close i felt far away almost kinda like the Reverberation at Hartford stage).

  3. You hit the two main points, m_lo: The depth of the stage, which could house a 737, makes even a front-row seat, which I had, seem distant, and — this is important, folks — unless you have an audience-right seat, which I I did not, you don’t see much and you don’t see it for very long. I missed the first one entirely, the second one I got for only a few seconds & the third one a few times more for seconds. The third one is especially maddening because it’s the longest nude scene since Threesome, and it’s a much finer sight (no offence to last year’s poll winner). This is the first time in my 50 years of theater going that an A 101 seat was not sufficient to see what I had to see. Nudity rating: 5 if you’re sitting next to m_lo, 2 if you’re anywhere else.

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