Still Standing You


Sorry for the short notice, I had my dates confused.  Showing for two nights only, May 13 and 14 at the Abrons Art Center:


Still standing youTwo dancers play out scenes of male friendship, machismo, and the naked male body in this mischievous dance, a kaleidoscopic view of friendship—rife with tensions and aggressions, clumsy desires of harmony and virtue, whispered tunes of togetherness and solitude. Still Standing You is a daring, hilarious dance work that travels from the aggressive to the intimate, and the forms two bodies create.

With a dance idiom entirely their own Pieter and Gui shamelessly, and mischievously, seek out what they mean to each other. Are they friends, partners, lovers, rivals or even enemies? The only instruments they can use are their own bodies: displays of muscle, the intensity of their boyish friendship, the capacity to turn one’s limitations into virtuosity and the ability to combine all this into a dynamic performance in which ruggedness, anger, and love are entwined in one great physical and all-encompassing embrace.



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