Out of State: Take Me Out in CT


Thanks to fipines for the tip.  At this point I think most blog readers know the plot of Take Me Out but in case there are any newbies:

Darren Lemming, the star center fielder of the world champion New York Empires, is young, rich, famous, talented, handsome and so convinced of his popularity that when he casually announces he’s gay, he assumes the news will be readily accepted by everyone. It isn’t. Friends, fans and teammates react with ambivalence, and when the slipping Empires call up the young phenom Shane Mungitt to close their games, the ambivalence turns to violence. Angry, lonely, guilt-ridden and confused, Darren finds some unlikely solace in the form of friendship with his new business manager, Mason Marzac—a brilliant but repressed guy, who, as everyone around him copes with disenchantment, blooms in the ecstatic discovery of baseball.

Caveat: Though Take Me Out is a male nudity MVP (just Google Take Me Out shower to see why), several regional productions have gone out of their way to accommodate their actors’ skiddiness about nudity in the locker room scenes.  The most common solutions are building a waste-high partition around the showers or having the actors hide behind towels or face away from the audience.  Almost all do productions show some full nudity at some point (except for one ill-fated production that made its cast wear jockstraps).  However, there is no guarantee all the actors will have the balls to show us their balls.  Fingers crossed this production is willing to go there!

Tickets: http://thebijoutheatre.com/films/take-me-out/


  1. Okay, this is one of those mixed productions. Mostly ass nudity and some frontal. Koovitz only naked from behind but you could see his massive cock and nut sack dangling. Could see Chenier from front – handsome actor with a nice fat dick and trimmed pubes. But mmmm Shane, hot guy with a big butt and nice average dick – my favorite. Kippy was hot, but stayed dress – would have loved to have seen him naked. Martinez hot tall Hispanic guy with a tiny cute uncut dick. Best seat audience left. Toss up if 90 minute Metro North ride is worth it. Maybe for hardcose TMO whores like me. Bridgeport kinda scary – waiting for train now!!!!

  2. Disappointing – saw butts and there were strategically placed towels in the shower area. I was center and briefly (< 5 seconds) saw shane and Martinez. I think you may also get a good view if you sit far right in the front tables too. The acting was a bit uneven as well.

  3. Great reports, guys. I especially love “Bridgeport is kinda scary — waiting for the train now!!!” The things we do for Take Me Out. (I remember getting so throw-uppy sick after eating at a hotel salad bar during the Dayton, OH run of TMO I wound up in the ER. But the nudity was great!!!)

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