Review: Still Standing You


I swear, the directors of the Abrons Art Center must be readers of this blog!  They certainly are always ready and willing to showcase pieces with full male nudity.  Still Standing You is no exception and might be right up there with Fort Blossom: Revisited and last December’s Pylade in terms of boldness and in-your-face nudity!

Pieter Ampe (l) and Guiherme Garrido (r)

The piece starts with Guiherme Garrido causally sitting on the raised feet of Pieter Ampe.  After chatting with the audience for a bit (much to Pieter’s increasing struggle), Guiherme is tossed off and the two begin their performance.  Done without music and scored by Guiherme’s random comments and Pieter’s grunts, the piece starts off resembling two boys playing dinosaurs in the backyard.  The two tangle with each other for several minutes before stripping down to the buff.  This portion lasts for about 30 or 40 minutes and is something to be seen!  It is a mix of dance and aerobatics with some puppetry of the penis thrown in.  If you ever want to see a nude man yell into the ample foreskin of another nude man, this is the piece for you!

9741283967_92fc20c75f_bThe two dancers have no qualms about nudity or each other’s bodies.  They embrace and dance with each other, incorporating their nudity into the choreography (there is one 5 minute section where they grab each other’s dicks and contort themselves into knots without letting go of their partner’s member!).  Pieter is the one with the very bushy beard and looks like he is a cast member of Duck Dynasty.  He has a fit but not too fit body, complete with full bushy pubes and an uncut dick.  Guiherme looks like he could be the double of Shakespeare or a pirate.  He is tanned and fit, with a dark full bush and a very uncut dick.  To me, both seem even more attractive because  of their no-fear attitude about performing in the nude and manhandling each other in front of complete strangers.

As for seating, almost all the nude parts occur far enough backstage that everyone should have a good view of most of the nudity. Several of the scenes do happen close to the first row, which blocked it from view for those in the second, third and fourth rows.  It was a little annoying to have people constantly craning their necks to see what was going on but thankfully that mostly only occurred during the first 10 minutes during the clothed portion of the performance).  Best seats would be first row or aisle seats, audience right.

Only one more performance!

Rating: 5!



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