The Beekeeper’s Daughter


The Beekeeper'sDaughter_photo by Beatriz Schiller

Playing at the Theater for the New City.  From their website:

 In “The Beekeeper’s Daughter” a pregnant Muslim refugee woman is embraced by an eccentric American family living on an idyllic island in the Adriatic. What happens next turns everyone’s life inside out and upside down yet results in a healing journey.  

Note: Actor PJ Brennan posted on his Instagram feed that he would be appearing nude in this play.  A poster on the Justadream message board confirmed that PJ arrives onstage wearing an open robe.  However, he first appears behind a shear curtain and closes the robe once he is onstage.  It sounds like it is just a quick peek but PJ is a cutie so it might be worth it.

Closing June 26.  Tix:

PJ Brennan from Gay Times photo shoot

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  1. The scene happens at 20 minutes into the play and don’t sit on the left side (more center and right) as I did – you will be blocked by one of the performers i unfortunately didn’t see a thing. It is a very very brief glimpse and he closes the robe. The play is 1 hr and 50 minutes. Not sure if worth seeing for that brief 2 second view

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