Legions of neurotic stand-ups may claim they are baring their souls while rambling about MTA fees, but how many truly expose themselves? Watch as some of the Creek’s most daring comics strip down and do stand-up, Tarzan-style. Audience members are welcome to watch in any state of undress they like.


The Creek and the Cave

10-93 Jackson Ave.

Queens, NY

June 24, Fri midnight; $20; at the door $30



    1. Ticket buying is a little convoluted. I found the purchase page by clicking on the Show icon, then clicking on monthly view, and then clicking on the Naked Comedy emtry on the calender. I have a feeling someone forgot to post the direct link on the website. They also posted the lineup do you can Google the comedians beforehand. There are six performers total, four of whom are men.

  1. Enjoyed the show and even tolerated the pussies! The guys were average Joe’s – which I like. There was, however, a guy in the front row who took off his clothes – fabulous cock. I’ll go back!

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