UNFRINGED Festival 2016

From the moderator: The direct competition of Fringe Festival

Long Island City’s Secret Theatre presents the third annual UnFringed Festival, a collection of ten daring new plays that run over two weeks in August.2016

‘Ice Cream Man, Blue Balls, and The Funny Thing’ – August 11-16: An exploration of masculine anger through the lenses of race, disability, and sexuality.

B7C90D84-CFFE-806B-84DC089DFD98078E‘The Country Husband’ – August 11-14: A married businessman is head-over-heels in love; unfortunately, though, not with his wife.

‘UNTURNING’ – August 11-19: A musical adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel ‘The Return of the Native.’

‘Flight Number Love’ – August 12-17: A flight attendant serves you raw stories seasoned with laughter, tears, and lots of turbulence.


‘The King is Dead’ – August 12-18: The absurdist play about Tinder that you didn’t know you were waiting for. Or maybe you did.

‘DARK PLAY’ – August 12-15: A collision of the virtual world and the real, where love and lies grow thick.


‘Almost Awful’ – August 13-21: A doctor with a secret collects a group of people with abhorrent urges to participate in a group therapy session.

DanMarmorIsGod‘Dan Marmor is God’ – August 15-21: Dan thinks he’s the Lord and his friends don’t understand why.

2B8A9188-E1C9-374A-093B8E7CDE807D15‘Faye Drummond’ – August 17-21: Phaedra and Hippolytus in New York, an outrageous comic take on a timeless Greek myth.

1a5f4f492b‘As He Likes It’ – August 16-20: An LGBT re-imagining of one of Shakespeare’s classic plays.

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