Like Pinocchio’s nose (and other things).

I just saw that the much-discussed (on this site!) Fringe hit PUCKER UP AND BLOW is part of the Encores series. So anyone who missed this show (which to my knowledge was the only Fringe show that featured male nudity), you have another chance!





  1. Had a very interesting conversation with a black friend who’s a dom whose sexual partners are exclusively sub white guys. My black friend saw the play based on my rec and totally got off on the nerdy lead actor being force-stripped naked by the black director and sodomized. My friend is into white guys who are average dudes, so seeing his exact sexual type up there nude and bent over simulating being buttfucked sent him to the moon.

  2. Heard from my Fringe friend that word was the people behind Pucker Up and Blow are planning on restaging some scenes to make it more graphic for the new run of the play, which would involve more nudity and sex, to out-Bradshaw Bradshaw. Fringe is notified whenever individual plays wants to revise their plays for the extra run in September.

  3. The first few rows are best to get the absolute best view of the nudity. But there isn’t really a bad seat as Will Dagger was forcibly pulled downstage and placed pretty much center by the actor playing the director, who then commanded the other actor to haul Dagger’s pants and underwear down before telling him to fuck him.

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