The return of “The Underpants Godot”

The Underpants Godot, a new play by Duncan Pflaster (The Taint of Equality, The Empress of Sex) is running at the Secret Theatre in Queens September 22-October 2nd.

The Underpants Godot is about a director who’s surreptitiously rehearsing for an avant-garde production of “Waiting for Godot”, with the main characters played by hot dudes in their underpants instead of old men. A representative from the notoriously litigious Samuel Beckett estate crashes a dress rehearsal to investigate and decide whether the performance should be allowed. The play is an hilarious meta-theatrical piece about the limits of adaptation and interpretation.

Starring: Roberto Alexander, Michael Andrew Daly*, Mark-Eugene Garcia, Jason Pintar*, Alyssa Simon*, and Patrick Walsh*
* Appearing courtesy Actors’ Equity Association

It won Best Play in the UNFringed Festival at the Secret last Summer, and now the Secret is producing it for two weekends. It features two guys in their underwear (Alexander and Garcia, both from The Taint of Equality) through the entire play, as well as some flashes of male nudity (some frontal, some just rear). for all the info.




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