The Flea Theater presents Two Class Acts: A Festival Celebrating A.R. Gurney. The festival will include two world-premiere one-act plays by the acclaimed playwright, titled Squash and Ajax. Previews for both shows begin on October 10, with opening nights slated for October 23


In Squash, a professor of classic literature finds himself questioning his identity when a student presents an intriguing take on Plato’s Symposium. Boundaries are tested and personal lives are upended as they grapple with sexuality, love, and sport. The cast for this production features Dan Amboyer (Dan Proctor), Nicole Lowrance (Becky Proctor), and Rodney Richardson (Gerald Caskey).

Heres Dan from a previous play he did years ago


In Ajax, an intrepid student adapts Sophocles’ defining war epic to the amusement of his English professor. A passionate ex-actress, the professor quickly finds herself entangled in every aspect of the play — including the playwright. This production will feature members of the Bats (the Flea’s resident company) in a rotating cast that includes Rachel Lin and Olivia Jampol (Meg), Ben Lorenz, and Chris Tabet (Adam).



  1. Saw this evening. Nudity brief, but I can handle that when the the play is good. Cleverly written. Amboyer is very handsome with Nordic/model good looks. He undresses twice – once at the beginning of the play and then at the end. Unfortunately, he faces a locker when undressing. He is wearing a jockstrap and his “beg to be rimmed” ass is on display. No frontal, but a peek may be possible in the first chair near the entrance – but only during the second scene. I loved it, however, because both times (he is wearing gym clothes) he sits on a bench and takes off his sweat socks. A real turn-on for an old toe queen like me. I offered the stage hand a fin for one of the socks but he wouldn’t budge (just kidding!) The student – didn’t get his name – is a nicely built young guy. I was able to see his very nice cock and nut sack during the last scene – but very quickly. Play good, cleverly written, and takes place in the early 70’s. Go for the play and maybe for Amboyer’s arse, but not for frontal nudity. I give this 2 1/2 stars.

    PS, the ticket also included a second play called “Ajax.” Interesting, cute guy, but no nudity.

  2. Thanks to everyone for the heads up. Dan had a very nice ass. The other actor blocked it
    for me for most of the first scene but I got a great view at the end. Rodney Richardson had
    a nice ass too but I focused on Dan in that scene. If you go, try to get a seat near the locker
    or in the middle to get the best view.

  3. Thanks, calvin & pf, for the tips — my experience kind of lines up with yours & doesn’t: I took your advice, calvin, & sat in the first seat as u walk in & the strangest thing happened: I saw his dick in the FIRST scene (in profile), but not in the SECOND, because, as you say, pf, he was blocked by the other actor. If u saw a frontal in the second scene, pf, where were u sitting — 3, maybe 4 seats in, or more? I’m willing to make a second visit!

  4. welq, I never saw a frontal for Dan. Since he stays facing the locker I think your seat or
    the one on the opposite side is the only choice to see frontal.

  5. wow, I thought for sure if I sat just a few seats to my right I might’ve caught a frontal in the second scene — he seemed to face the other actor, not the locker, when he took down his jockstrap. Maybe it varies from performance to performance. In any case, I’m especially thankful you’ve made me feel better about what I glimpsed: a cut cock, good length, darkish shaft, medium-hued head, less mushroomed shaped than acorn, & some dark-brown pubes that would’ve stuck out more if they hadn’t looked a bit trimmed. Did I repay the favor? (haha)

  6. I saw Company XIV’s new show Paris. While I didnt like it as much as their previous shows one of the dancers is stripped and then runs around the rest of the cast holding feather fans to hide him, but from the left side of the audience he wasn’t hidden well. Also saw Underground Railroad Game at Ars Nova which has an extended full frontal scene, but the run is sold out so I guess that is why no one is talking about it on here!

    1. Thanks for the tip on Paris! Underground Railroad Game seems to have slipped through the cracks. It had been running since mid September! It is sold out as you said but there is a wait list starting a half hour before the show. The production with the same cast is also playing in Baltimore in March for those in the DC-Baltimore area.

      How long is the nude scenes in Underground Railroad Game just out of curiosity?

      1. Near the end of the show she strips him, forces him to stand in front of the audience nude for several minutes before making him spin then fondles and spanks him with a ruler. Little twig but big berries. Funny show about race that is uncomfortable and insightful.

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