So I think we can all agree 2016 was not exactly a banner year for male nudity onstage (it wasn’t really a banner year for anyone really).  There were some bright spots (such as Pucker Up and Blow, Judas Kiss and Blessed Unrest’s Bodies) but for the most part it was relatively quiet during the year. Hopefully 2017 will be a little bit better (there are already a couple of shows with potential I will post about shortly).


First up: MOPE is going to  be running at Ensemble Studio Theatre.  From the website:

Mope (noun): 1. The lowest-level male performer in the adult film industry. An anonymous stunt-penis. Example: “Trevor is a mope.” 2. A new play by Paul Cameron Hardy. An examination of a country poisoned by toxic masculinity, hiding inside a comedy about guys who do porn. 3. A scathing new production from Youngblood, Ensemble Studio Theatre’s OBIE-winning company of young playwrights and home of the best new writers in NYC.

This play contains nudity and extensive adult content.

Playing from January 11 to February 4



  1. I saw this play in workshop. It’s a really funny and terrific play. And, yes, a 5 on the nudity scale.

  2. Saw this play this evening and it is quite good. There is extensive nudity by one of the actors but NOT by either of the male leads. This third actor, a peripheral character really, is a man maybe in his forties and has a great body and an impressive endowment all of which he displays in one scene near the edge of the stage in which he faces the audience for around five minutes. One of the two leads, the actor who plays Trevor, also has a nude scene but he plays it facing upstage and all you can see is his butt. Well worth seeing.

  3. There’s a giant wiener and low hangers in this play! The peripheral male character is sort of a story weaver. He’s full frontal for about 5 minutes then walks around several times with his robe open and that giant cock swinging. As previously stated, one of the main characters shows his but and I got a good shot of his nice bare feet. Since I am an old man I needed to sit in the front row facing the left side of the stage – the actor’s dick was practically in my face. On top of it, it’s a pretty good play. 5 on the dick scale.

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